Our history

The Black Culinarian Alliance was born in 1998 when co-founder Alex Askew and Jason Wallace met with fellow graduates of the Culinary Institute of America to discuss the status of African Americans in the culinary and hospitality industries. A few years later, the First Black Culinarian Alumni Chapter at the Culinary Institute of America was formed as an organization tasked with analyzing and addressing the lack of education and exposure for African Americans in the industry.

Focusing on education as a cornerstone of success, BCAGlobal (founded as the Black Culinarian Alliance) advocated for improvements in career development in a demographic that has largely been sidelined from the culinary, food service, and hospitality mid and upper management opportunities. For over 20 years BCAGlobal has focused on bringing awareness to the importance of diversity authenticity which is defined as recognizing one's cultural heritage as a critical component in the diversity conversation.  

In 2010, the organization expanded its demographic focus to promote not only people of color but to increase diversity overall and develop women as industry leaders. Today BCAGlobal has continued to refocus its efforts and has advised to entities in different parts of the world as still the only organization embracing this important mission. Reaching beyond the borders of the United States and developing connections in other cultural and culinary hubs of the world.