Culinary Mentorship

Culinary Mentorship

Why Culinary Mentorship?

It takes a village to raise a child. This is very true and crucial in the upbringing of any individual. With the help of those who have experienced and learned the necessary keys to life, the next generation will be better prepared to take on whatever comes their way.  In this day and age, the village should not only raise the child but stay with them until he or she has gained all the skills and knowledge they can absorb.

Because BCAGlobal professionals and students alike are aware of the importance of guidance, a mentoring program would prove itself to be very successful. The mission of the BCAGlobal Mentoring Program is to effectively benefit both the Mentor and Protégé by fostering career relationships and exchanging career information. This program will initiate a bond that will expand the horizons and expectations of Mentor-Protégé relationship as a career advancement opportunity.

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to assist the Protégé in developing professionally within the culinary and hospitality industry. At the same time, mentoring should also be flexible enough to adapt to changing needs as the relationship develops.

What’s the value?

Employers, would you like to find the best candidates for career advancement?

Candidates, would you like a way to set yourself apart from the rest by validation from industry professionals?

The Mentoring and Industry Seal of Approval is an independent culinary skills vetting program that benefits both employers and candidates. Our Industry Seal of Approval streamlines the interviewing and hiring process. Validating candidates via an independent body identifies candidates with proven skills and competencies. Individuals measured for standards of performance comprise a pre-vetted and more qualified individual that is ready for a mentoring investment.

Vetting will be based on industry skills and knowledge sets necessary for competency and career advancement. Vetting will be performed by written and verbal tests created in collaboration with leaders in the culinary and food service industries.

Mentee candidate requirements

  1. Years in school and/or industry (diploma, certificate, or other marks)
  2. Essay completion
  3. Referral and references
  4. Standardized culinary skills and knowledge test
  5. Processing/registration fee ($25.00)

A successful evaluation program

  • Promotes and advances diverse candidates for employment
  • Provides an evaluative platform for both young and seasoned professionals
  • Fosters interaction between industry leaders, professionals and students
  • Creates acceptable standards within the industry
  • Provides a base for leadership development
  • Provides potential mentoring opportunities

Levels of evaluation (professional and young professional chefs)

Young Professional: Persons between the ages of 18-25 seeking a career in the culinary arts. Minimum requirement of one year culinary education or industry experience. Students are accepted.

Professionals: Persons over the age of 25 or with over 2 years experience seeking or maintaining a career in the Culinary Arts.

Validation criteria

Knowledge set: Passing both oral and written test.

Skill set: Passing all minimum acceptable standards for cooking practical based on culinary fundamentals. Professional level will include addendum of beverage, finance and leadership.

Evaluators will be comprised of BCA Global industry partners with significant experience in the culinary and food service industries.


  • Develop a support system and peer network connection to assist career advancement by providing the appropriately needed guidance.
  • Improve soft skills and ability needed for career development.
  • Build confidence and improve career satisfaction.

How the program works

Protégé selection

  • Participants will be screened and interviewed to match with potential Mentors
  • Participants will be required to provide 2 professional references
  • Participants must be over 18 years old

Mentor selection

  • Professionals will be screened and interviewed to match with Protégés
  • The first phase of roll-out of this program will be voluntary.

Participation requires:

  • One year or more management experience in the company
  • Achievement of an “Exceed Expectations” or higher review in the last evaluation period
  • Willingness to meet the necessary time commitment to the program
  • Completing a Mentor Agreement Form. The BCAGlobal Seal of Approval will be granted only after all conditions have been met.

Please keep in mind, Mentors may be matched with Protégés that are not in the same career path.

Ready to set yourself apart with the BCA Global Seal of Approval? Contact us for an appointment.