About BCA Global

Who we are

BCA Global is a non-profit culinary, foodservice and educational organization. Our mission is to create awareness, exposure and career advancing opportunities for people of color within the culinary industry. We are the only organization that advocates equity in the largest industry in America.

What we do

We connect young culinary, hospitality and aspiring foodservice professionals with a network of career opportunities within the industry. We also provide much-needed advocacy for equity within all aspects of foodservice. This not only includes career opportunities but also includes the conversations around the standards necessary for someone of color to be successful and move up the ladder of success in the largest industry in America. The end goal is supporting diversity from a social-economic perspective. We encourage young people to explore the world of culinary arts and hospitality through formal training, professional networking and mentoring. We encourage open discussions about diversity and cultural awareness with hiring managers with the objective of starting engaging conversations through a racial equity lens.

Our vision

Our vision is to make young people of color aware of the tremendous opportunities for growth in all aspects available in the food and beverage industry. By reducing the barriers to career advancement sustainable careers can be achieved while pushing the diversity and inclusion envelope further ahead, keeping in mind the rapidly changing demographics in and outside of the industry.

We aim to complement formal training with the appropriate soft skills necessary to succeed. This translates into career empowerment for themselves, their families, and the communities in which they come from. Bridging the gap between cultural immersion and understanding will provide a healthier work environment for performance, profitability and lower the stress that uncomfortable non-inclusive environments create. Our goal is to guide the future generation of culinary, foodservice, and hospitality leaders to embrace these ideologies.

President’s message

Fellow BCA Global members, supporters, and visitors:

Welcome to BCA Global. Thanks to you, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings back in 1998. Diversity (still a familiar buzzword today)  was not a well-known subject in the culinary, foodservice and hospitality industries at the time of our inception. Despite the level of attention given to the topic of diversity today, there is still plenty of action that needs to be taken to help move this forward.

Our top priority remains to connect young professionals of color with industry professionals, while simultaneously focusing on the border goal of penetrating areas of the industry still very much void of diversity. We aim to develop a global consciousness based on cultural diversity, heritage, health and racial equity in all respects of the food space and the many industries that are connected. Society in general, and in the culinary and hospitality industry in particular, can be greatly impacted if we pursue this approach for advancing diversity. Now is the time to have the conversations, both familiar and especially the ones that are uncomfortable. This is probably the most important challenge facing the industry and society today. Your decision to support BCA Global and its mission will help contribute to greater this greater understanding of diversity now and in our future.

Alex Askew

BCA Global President/CEO